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Gonna Make Us Some Big Dumb Money!

Press the button to generate a user-hostile advertising strategy that might just make millions. Protip: keep shaking the moneymaker until you get one you can pitch for Google-class money. Any resemblance to actual existing ad strategies is purely coincidental hilarious.

Well, That's Kinda Silly

But it is a little horrifying the lengths that web advertising will go to, er... punch the last few coins out of our... web bricks.

Web Ad Overkill

Big ugly multi-megabyte ads. Video ads. Popup ads. Irrelevant 'contextual' ads. User-tracking, privacy invading ads. Ads that track you across the internet. There are an awful lot of terrible advertising ideas out there.

Adblocking Makes Sense

As a defensive measure against all those terrible ideas, running an adblocker seems like a more and more sensible thing to do. It's not wrong to put on some boots if you're going to walk through a lake of poop.


The Eudaimoneers have some better ideas for independent gaming websites who want to make a little money without compromising their integrity and gaming fans who want to support their favorite sites. No poop-boots required.