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Strap on your happiness pants: we're building a network where everyone wins, including charities. We're Eudaimoneers.

We are an invitation-only 1 network of independent gaming websites who want to make money with a single, tasteful ad laser-targeted to their audiences. Lasers! We want to strip away the cruft, keep it simple and rebuild trust. Our ads are only for gamer-pleasing stuff that we've personally used and liked. Gaming fans and web publishers get faster-loading sites with great ads they'd actually want to see. No tracking, no shenanigans, and 10% goes to to charity.


Things are going to start happening to me... now.

We're bootstrapping our publisher network as we ramp up to launch, and spaces are still available! If you run a reasonably busy, quality gaming website and are interested in joining us (or know of someone who might be), or want to advertise a product or service that gamers would love, get in touch

Let's Face It, Friends -- Web Advertising Is Kind Of Broken.

It's become a war of attrition out there, an advertising arms race. We think we have a plan to help end the escalation of the three-way battle between adblocking gamers, site publishers, and increasingly desperate advertisers. We're building a network of sites and the advertisers who want to reach gamers where everyone wins, including charities.

We love (seriously, love!) and support sites like Rockmumblemumble and PC*cough*er, but yikes: those ads are overwhelming.

Eudaimoneers sites only show a single, above the fold 120x90 pixel ad from one of our hand-picked advertisers. No video, no animation, no pop-ups, no full-page takeovers, just one single, small tasteful ad. We're dedicated to keeping things simple and egalitarian.

Eudaimoneers advertisers get their products and services in front of engaged gamers in an overwhelmingly ad-block-using demographic, gaming site owners earn revenue and lose the clutter, noise and page bulk with tasteful small ads that their readers will love, users get faster sites and ads they might actually be interested in, charities get 10% of our revenues (after we pay out to our publishers), and us? We get the satisfaction of doing some small good in the world. And some money to support our elderly moms. Because moms are important.

We don't track users of sites on our network. We don't track anything, in fact, other than impression and click totals to provide to our advertisers and calculate publisher payouts. That means that sites that are part of our network -- who don't run any ads other than our single small image ad -- don't track you either. We think that an important part of rebuilding some level of trust starts with decoupling ad display from the kind of invasive, pervasive tracking that is standard operating procedure for the business-as-usual BigData-addicted advertising networks that are choking out the web.

We're an ad network that actually wants to show you fewer ads. 'Struth.

The Good We Want To Do

Eudaimoneers have got you covered.

End The Ad Wars

Gamers: Break the vicious cycle of adblocking and ad obnoxiousness escalation, and help charity at the same time.

dolla bill!


Advertisers: No muss, no fuss. Monthly campaigns, shown across our entire network equally.

dolla bill!

Support Your Favorite Sites

Gamers: Whitelist Eudaimoneers gaming sites and support their publishers, without getting blasted by ad overload.

Cost Per Influence

Advertisers: We put your ads in front of high-influence gamers, and your ad is the only one they see on a page.

Clean and Simple Ads

Publishers: Don't plaster your site with random, crappy ads. Just one small, relevant Eudaimoneers ad, and you're done.

dolla bill!


Advertisers: Only one decision to make -- is Eudaimoneering for you?

Rebuilding Trust

Advertisers: We connect your gamer-focused products with the audiences that will appreciate them -- and not resent anyone for it.

Ads For Good Stuff

Gamers: Eudaimoneers advertisers are chosen by gamers for gamers. No more pointless crap.

Support Charity

Gamers and publishers: Just loading ads from Eudaimoneers sites means you're helping worthy charities.

Happy Users

Publishers: Build user trust and happiness by showing them a single gaming ad they'll enjoy seeing.

dolla bill!

Revenue Generation

Publishers: Support yourself with a steady income from a trusted network of quality sites and advertisers.

Not All About The Benjamins

It's about banding together to do a little good. And OK, maybe make a few benjamins.

Hello Gaming Advertiser! Eudaimoneers Can Do Good Things For You.

The Problem

You have a product or service you think gamers would love. But more than 50% of gamers run adblockers, even on their favorite sites. The ones that don't are tired of sites plastered with thickets of big, ugly ads that don't interest them. We're past the saturation point. Running ad campaigns on gaming sites has become a war of attrition, where nobody wins, and your ad dollars are being wasted.

Our Solution

Eudaimoneers is about ending the advertising arms race -- more is not necessarily better. Building trust between publishers, their audiences, and the advertisers that want to reach them is our goal. We want to show gamers advertisements they actually want to use -- your ads! Do you want to reach your target audience directly without making them hate you?

Sounds Good. Tell Me More

Look at that cute little ad. That thing wouldn't hurt anyone!

No user tracking, no animations, no flash, no video, no retargeting or beacons or shenanigans of any description.

Gaming Sites Get Good Stuff Too.

The Problem

Your site is a labor of love, but it sure would be nice to make some money from it. But what can you do? The vast majority of your visitors either run adblockers or white-list your site -- grudgingly -- because they want to help out. Algorithmic ad servers barf out ugly 'contextual' ads that don't target your audience. Your readers that actually do allow ads start to resent your site as it gets jankier and slower. Everybody loses.

Our Solution

What if you could tell your users that whitelisting your site would be safe to do? That they'd only see a single, tasteful ad that is from a company selling products or services that have been vetted to be right up their alley, without any of that tracking and privacy-invasion that is the norm these days? That not only would it help support your site, but that 10% of the ad revenue would be going to charity?

Hell, Yes. How Do I Get On Board?
Eudaimoneers The Deck Adsense/DFP
By Gamers For Gamers Nope! Nope!
For Gaming Sites Nope! Nope!
For Gaming Advertisers Nope! Nope!
Charitable Donations Nope! Nope!
Relevant Ads Occasionally, sort of
No User Tracking Nope!
Ad Display Run of network Run of network Contextual
Image Only Nope!
Single Size Ad Unit Nope!
Limited Network Size Nope!
Slightly Terrifying Megacorp Nope! Nope!

The Eudaimoneers Are Gamers Serving Gamers.

Seriously. We've been video gaming since the 70s!

The Problem

Gamers are good people. We love reading about our favorite games almost as much as we love playing them. But if you're anything like us, you are sick of ads plastered all over the place, usually for stuff we couldn't care less about. We're sick of being tracked and profiled and treated like data sources, not people. Full page ads, animated ads. Slow page loads. No thanks, I don't need a Friend Finder. Most of us run adblockers, but most websites make money -- if they make any -- from ads, and we can feel a bit guilty not helping our favorite site owners out. But when adblockers break site layout or functionality and we're forced to whitelist, we resent the site owners for making us suffer. Nobody wins.

Our Solution

Eudaimoneers Network sites run a single, tasteful ad. One per page. We only allow ads for products we have tried, and as gamers ourselves, that we think other gamers would like. When you visit a site in the Eudaimoneers Network, you can be confident that you won't be assaulted by advertising, that the single ad you'll see on each page is something you might be interested in, that the site owner will be making some money to keep that site you love up and running, and that 10% of our revenue is going to charities selected by the network's publishers each month. Everybody wins.

Splendid, My Friend. How Can I Help?

Numbers Are Good

Even when the news isn't great

10% of Eudaimoneers Network income goes to charity every month

"Socrates: And is life worth living for us with that part of us corrupted that unjust action harms and just action benefits? Or do we think that part of us, whatever it is, that is concerned with justice and injustice, is inferior to the body? Crito: Not at all. Socrates: It is more valuable? Crito: Much more." - Plato's The Crito

Yep, that's Aristotle.

What's he doing here? What's he got to do with advertising and gaming and all that stuff?

Following Aristotle, Hannah Arendt said "The ultimate end of human acts is eudaimonia, happiness in the sense of living well, which all [people] desire; all acts are but different means chosen to arrive at it."

Forgive us for being a little too sincere, perhaps, but: we think that's true. We wanted to create a business that honors this idea, and brings some measure of happiness -- not just money, but greater trust and dignity -- into the intersection of subjects that we know some things about: the web, gaming, and advertising. At least two out of three of which we've always loved.

We wanted to take it one step further, though, and donate some part of any financial success we achieved to deserving charities. Engineering eudaimonia for ourselves and for those whose lives we touch -- that's why we started The Eudaimoneers.

Charitable Donations

From The Eudaimoneers

As soon as the network is up and running, we'll be polling our publisher network for their favorite charity choices and be keeping track of our monthly charitable donations right here.

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We add gaming sites to the network by invitation only, but we're always open to worthy suggestions. We consider lots of factors when asking sites to join including quality, reach, traffic, design, appropriateness to the general target of the network (games and gaming!), and how much fresh new stuff goes up on your site on a regular basis.

We accept advertisers based on how well their product or service would be liked by a gaming enthusiast audience, and if we've tried and enjoyed it ourselves.

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Hello, friend! We see you're running an adblocker. That's cool. We understand and sympathize. We hope that if you have a look at what we have to say, you'll consider whitelisting Eudaimoneers Network sites.